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I ordered my contacts over 24 hours ago now. The site says if you order before 2pm your order will go out the same day* well apparently that asterisk meant just kidding no they wont. I also received no email confirmation, the site is apparently messed up because it says my username and password don't work, though I just used them to order my contacts so I know they are correct. I called customer service and although the customer service agent... Read more

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I ordered contacts 6 days ago and they said it would be 3-4 days for shipping. 6 days later, customer service sends me an email telling me they don't have those contacts anymore. Seriously? 6 days for an email? Now I'm out of contacts and can't see. Thanks, Opticontacts. Add comment

I ordered my daughter and sons contacts almost 2 weeks ago. Today I got an email stating that my sons contacts are on back order. I called to ask about my daughters and they said they had to hold hers until they get his in a week. So in total it will take 3 weeks to get here when I was told 3-6 days. I will never use this site again. Add comment

Long time buyer and loyal customer for opticontact for over 7 years. I always find a cheaper deal online and they are happy to price match. They ship fast and they are usually very helpful. This time, however, it was a very different story and it may be my last order as I feel they tricked me. Let me explain. They send me a reorder link when I am close to running out. I clicked on the link and ordered my contacts like I always do. When I found... Read more

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I have been buying my contacts from this company for 3 years. I get dailies and place a new order every month. My prescription has changed, but they contact the doctors office and it gets taken care of. The box is delivered in my mail box by usps and I have actually sent back an unopened box for credit when my prescription changed and there was no problem and they refunded my account. I have no idea what all these negative comments are about... Read more

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NEVER AGAIN. I wish I saw this site before I ordered from them! Add comment

I ordered contact lenses over 30 days ago. I sent the prescription via Fax so I would have a confirmation. I just spoke to a customer service representative that said that my order is "in process". When I asked why it was taking so long, the reply was they didn't have enough information to process the order. They had my email address and never contacted me. I ordered a year's supply and this will be my one and only order from this company. ... Read more

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They lie about free shipping and charge ridiculous processing fees at the last moment. Add comment

My contact lenses from Opticontacts first took FOREVER to ship, then the package showed as delivered but I never received it. Since Opticontact's delivery method (USPS) does not require a signature, the package might have been left outside the house in open sight by USPS and stolen. I never got the contact lenses, and after several inquiries and phone-calls and going through all the steps required by Opticontacts (such as having USPS open an... Read more

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So many problems from beginning to end, I don't even know where to start. First, they couldn't properly read the picture of the prescription I uploaded, so they told me it was invalid. I explained to them how it was valid, and if they didn't believe me, they could contact my eye doctor for verification. There was no further communication from them after that, until I got an e-mail saying my contacts had shipped, so apparently they'd verified the... Read more

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