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I recently placed an order with opticontacts to avoid the exorbitant fee at my regular eye doctor as i'd already met my one time allotment for the year (insurance). i requested 2 boxes of contacts, i got them within a week of placing my order.

only problem is one the boxes had an expiration date of 12/2015 and the other box was EXPIRED. imagine that! i immediately called customer service (several of the numbers listed on the website don't work) to make them aware of the situation. as remedy, they offered to forward me a prepaid shipping label via email.

said all i had to do was return the package and when they received it they'd send me out a new box of contacts. it's been 24 hours now and i'm still waiting on that label. i thought the whole point of emailing something was for an immediate result or action. called again this morning and it was so strange, the same customer rep i spoke w/ answered the phone.

makes me think they're short staffed.

seems really fishy to me.....i don't trust em and i have little faith i'll get my new box any time soon. will not be doing business with them again.

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It seems that staying with the Eye Doctor is the safest and best solution. There is ALWAYS a reason something is at a low price.

The cost you endured; time, frustration, etc.

is more than what you would have spent at the doctors office. Sometimes the value of the discount disappoints, but the cost of supporting local business always pays off.


One of the contact lens boxes I received expires in 5 years and the other prescription expires in 3 years. I called (1-888-678-4201 option 1 for orders) and they couldn't help.

So I emailed and asked if I could exchange the 3 year expiry for a 5 year expiry and they said different prescriptions could have different expiries from the factory depending on when they made or "expected time to deplete". They said there's no difference with the lenses. Then why do I feel different?

I feel like they have 5 year expiry boxes but didn't want to bother exchanging. :sigh

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